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Personal Branding

First Impression is Lasting. ­ Leave a Lasting First Impression. Hence, first impression is the main key to personal branding.

Research shows that most people decide whether or not they like you within the first seven seconds of meeting you.

First impressions are tied intimately to positive body language. Becoming cognizant of your gestures, expressions, attire and a positive tone of voice will draw people to you like ants to a picnic. By dressing in like fashion to those in attendance, using an enthusiastic tone, uncrossing your arms, maintaining eye contact, and leaning in towards the person who’s speaking are all forms of positive body language that high­ EQ people use to draw others in. Positive body language can make all the difference in a conversation. It’s true that how you say something can be more important than what you say.

After meeting someone at a business network or event, ask for their business card…

Take a moment to look at the card; now you know the type of business the person is doing, it can help you frame your conversation base on this knowledge. Additionally, if you did not catch their name the first time around, now you have a second chance without asking the proverbial question “what’s your name again”.

Addressing a person by his or her name is a powerful tool when making a business connection, it tells them you are listening, engaged and respectful… This is a Powerful Tool! Be prepared to make a connection by listening to and asking yourself, what can I do to help you grow your business? Or how can I be of help to you and your team?

Be Authentic, Be Real!

Sharing your successes and mistakes is the secret to making your story telling authentic, positive, yet entertaining.

For example, I tell a story of coming to Texas and living in a rental duplex, then one day the air conditioner unit broke; in the middle of the hot summer heat. I called the building owner and told him the air conditioner is broken, he replied he will come over and take a look. My first reaction, why are you coming to take a look, when I just told you it is broken……… ?

Little did I know this is Texan speak for that- I will fix it!!

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